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GTHI Debate Competition (Second Edition)


On the 28th of February 2023, the GTHI held a debate competition on the motion, "Customers are always right," between the Foundation and the Certificate students. The purpose of the debate was to assess the students' ability to argue and articulate their points effectively while showcasing their public speaking skills. This report provides a summary of the debate, the scores, and the recommendations made by the judges.

Summary of the Debate

The Certificate students debated on the affirmative motion while the Foundation students debated against it. Both teams presented compelling arguments and counter-arguments, making it a highly contested debate. The Certificate students' argument centered around the fact that customers are the lifeblood of any business, and their satisfaction is crucial to the success of any company. They emphasized that customers should always be treated with respect and dignity and that their complaints should be taken seriously. On the other hand, the Foundation students argued that customers are not always right and that sometimes they can be wrong, unreasonable, and even abusive. They posited that while customer satisfaction is important, it should not be pursued at the expense of employee satisfaction and the overall health of the business.

After the debate, the judges awarded the Certificate students a total of 65 points, while the Foundation students received 60.5 points, indicating a win for the Certificate students.

Recommendations for Students

The judges made some recommendations for the students based on their performance during the debate. Firstly, the students should work on building their confidence in public speaking. They should practice speaking in front of people, so they can become comfortable and confident in their abilities. Secondly, the judges recommended that the students improve their fluency in English, as this will enable them to articulate their points more effectively. Thirdly, they should learn to manage their time well, so they can make the most of the allotted time to present their arguments. Lastly, the judges recommended that the students adopt the British Parliamentary debate system, which will help them become more proficient in debating and arguing their points.

Recommendations for School Administration

The judges made some recommendations for the school administration to support the students' development in public speaking and debating. Firstly, the administration should organize training for the students to develop their public speaking skills. This can be done by inviting professional public speakers or debate coaches to train the students. Secondly, the school should give room to such extra-curricular activities, as they are crucial for students' holistic development.


In conclusion, the GTHI debate competition was a success, with the Certificate students emerging as the winners. The judges made some recommendations for the students to improve their public speaking skills and for the school administration to support their development in this regard. It is hoped that these recommendations will be taken seriously, and the students will be given the necessary support to excel in their future public speaking and debating endeavors.

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