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Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute Host a Graduation Seminar for students in GBA and WCR

The Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute on Thursday held its first ever graduation seminar for the graduating class of 2022.

The objective of the seminar is to prepare students on the life long journey that they are about to embark on. The instituted invited two experts in Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Chef Pa Modou Jallow and Mrs Fatou Njie Secka respectively.

Chef Pa Modou Jallow is a renowned Chef from the United States of America with great experience of over 20 years on Culinary Arts. In his speech, Chef Pa Modou mentioned the importance of passion and hard work in any career that one chose to do. “Passion is the beginning but what makes you succeed is the desire and the hard work, he said. He also emphasized on the need to always execute into the perfection, and advices prospective graduants to take  time and study their surrounding.  He advised students to be active online usersand make research on the latest trends to keep up with the world. Chef Ma Modou also highlighted on the importance of culinary fission between different cuisines. He informed the prospective graduants that the trend in the food and culinary industry is the farm to fork approach were fresh and seasonal ingredients are been source. He also encourage the students to follow celebrity chefs in order to enhance their skills.

In another presentation, Mrs Fatou Njie Secka emphasized on the importance of character and hospitality in the industry and also shared her experiences which motivated students dignificantly. She said “The love for the job is what is essential and your Integrity, being in the industry you have to be honest because you’re representing the country.” She added that Commitment,  professionalism, live long learning should be every hospitality staff’s plan in their career.

The student had very interactive sessions with both Chef Pa Modou Jallow and Mrs Fatou Njie which will go a long way in inspiring them in their future endeavors.

The Seminar was organized by the Management of GTHI ahead of the students graduation day.


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