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Regional Youth Chairman Encourages URR Youth in Agri-Food Training

The Upper River Region's Regional Youth Chairman, Bubacarr Sidibeh, accompanied by the Assistant Youth Coordinator, Nyanya Sambou, made a significant visit to the GTHI Agri-Food Processing and Packaging Training, currently taking place at the Gambia College Annex in Basse.

The purpose of his visit was not merely ceremonial; it was an opportunity for the regional leadership to engage with aspiring youth in the field of agri-food processing and packaging in his region. The GTHI team not only provided insights into the intricacies of food processing and packaging but also shed light on the essential reasons behind introducing this program, emphasizing its numerous advantages.

During his address, the Youth Chairman Bubacarr Sidibeh, delivered an inspiring message to the young participants, urging them to fully commit to the training and maintain unwavering focus on their goals. He stressed that this initiative was designed to empower the youth with practical skills and knowledge vital for self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship.

One of the highlights of the visit was the Chairman's pledge of steadfast support from his office to individuals with aspirations of establishing their own businesses in agri-food processing and packaging post-training. This commitment serves as a beacon of hope for many young people in the region who dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs.

The GTHI Agri-Food Processing and Packaging Training, hosted at the Gambia College Annex in Basse, is rapidly gaining recognition as a pivotal opportunity for youth development and economic empowerment in the Upper River Region. The program not only equips participants with practical skills but also fosters a spirit of entrepreneurship, aligning perfectly with the region's economic growth and self-sufficiency goals.

This visit by the Regional Youth Chairman and the Assistant Youth Coordinator Nyanya Sambou signifies the regional youth office’s dedication to nurturing talent, fostering youth entrepreneurship, and driving economic growth from within the Upper River Region. It is expected that the impact of this program will continue to ripple through the community, creating a brighter and more prosperous future for the region.

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