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Chairman of Mansa-Konko Area Council Encourages Youth Engagement in Agri-food Processing & Packaging

The chairman of Mansa-Konko Area Council, Hon Landing B Sanneh, recently paid a visit to the GTHI Agri-food processing and packaging training team in the Lower River Region (LRR). During his visit, he received a comprehensive tour and gained insight into the remarkable progress made by the dedicated team and the participants.

The chairman was deeply impressed by the commitment and achievements of the GTHI Agri-food processing and packaging training team. In light of this, he took the opportunity to offer invaluable advice to the youth in his region. Hon Landing B Sanneh emphasized the significance of taking the training seriously, regarding it as a pivotal stepping stone towards personal and regional advancement.

He recognized the importance of the program in fostering agricultural and food processing expertise, which is crucial for the economic development of the region.

The Agri-food processing team warmly welcomed Mr Sanneh and his delegation during their visit. This visit served as a testament to the chairman's commitment to empowering the youth and promoting sustainable development in the region.

The commitment of regional leaders like Hon Landing B Sanneh reaffirms the importance of investing in the potential of the youth and the agricultural sector, setting the stage for enduring progress and collaboration.


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